Editor’s note:  This recipe originally published on 1/7/2017.  It is also affectionately known as “Sandee’s Chicken and Dumplins” in honor of a dear childhood friend of mine who lost her sweet daddy to lung cancer.   Enjoy this easy southern recipe on a cold, snowy day!


Snow Day Chicken ‘n Dumplins
(or Sandee’s Chicken ‘n Dumplins)


3 chicken breasts


1 can low-sodium chicken broth


2 cans biscuits (original, not buttery)


Cook 3 chicken breasts by boiling or about 45 minutes in large pot (fill slightly less than ½ full with water).


Take chicken out and cut into small pieces and put back in pot. Add salt and paper and a can of low-sodium chicken broth.



Take 2 cans of biscuits (original, not buttery), and put on a piece of wax paper.


Flatten biscuits with hand about the size of a saucer and roll in flour (flour will help thicken the broth).


Get the chicken back to a rolling boil, leave on high, and tear the biscuits apart into large pieces, about 3 dumplings per biscuit.


By the time the last biscuit is in, they are done!


Add more salt and pepper to taste.