Unconditionally Her Contributor, and President/CEO, Queen C Designs, Cheryl Whitt

Spring is on its way That means warmer weather and time to rock a ponytail!   Anyone out there that has never worn a ponytail? Yeah, us either. While the same ponytail or bun day can get  old and dare we say it, BORING, we are going to show you some easy, chic styles that won’t take any extra time out of your morning and will be a fresh change from your usual ponytail.


This one is great if you have “yesterday hair” and don’t have time to style it freshly. Don’t want to wear it all down? Put half of it up, and pump that hair up big, girl! Here, we used the Queen C Clip & Tie Ponytail to get this look, but if your hair is already long and luxurious, then all you need is a comb for teasing and your elastic hair band.

The half-pony


Okay.  This one may be a little too easy. All we did was roll the ponytail under starting at the end all the way up to the base and secure it! We love using Frenchies to secure our styles like this! *Especially if you have thick hair or use hair extensions.

The bun


Looking for something a bit relaxed? This one is perfect for you, then.   All we did was do a simple braid on the side where the hair is parted since there is definitely more hair to work with on that side.  Then we pulled the rest up in a pony. Lastly, we fluffed the ponytail with a brush to give it a more relaxed and casual “not so put-together” look!

The braid


This one is a true ponytail classic. A chic pony with some flare and pizzaz!  To achieve this look, tease the crown, add some bobby pins to help everything stay in place, then pull the rest up in a pony! Wanna know the secret to the bump?   Pin it to stay in place before you pull the rest up. Works like a charm!

The bump



So looking for something with a little more detail and finesse?  This one is for you! Remember earlier with style #3  when we did the braid and then the ponytail? Repeat those steps and then, take the ponytail and fishtail it from base to ends. You can do a fishtail braid or a regular 3-strand braid if you aren’t comfortable with a fishtail. You can even do this style without the bangs, it’s up to you!

The fish-tail

These 5 spring styles are only a few that you can do with a ponytail. There are so many more! there Do something fresh and exciting this spring season and experiment with one of the styles shared.  Try something new for spring 2018!

*To achieve each look, we used the 100% Human Hair Queen C Clip & Tie Ponytail in Mocha Dark Brown.  You can also achieve these looks with your own hair or the AIRess Ponytail extension.

Have a Royally Pampered Day! -Our Royal Family



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