Just because you have a huge to-do list does not mean you have the motivation to do the list. Sometimes you just cannot get started and your creativity is attached to an IV transfusion. It happens and it is hard to get back into the groove when it does. Once you get that idea to evolve and burst with inspiration, your blahs morph into creative juices and it feels like your brain just received a new Duracell battery. It is perfectly fine to have a partially empty calendar since too many tasks can create burnout. Less on the calendar can easily develop into zero motivation, however. As humans, we need to look forward to things to create happiness. And that happiness develops into inspiration.

Sometimes one goal at a time works for staying inspired while some of us (meaning me) have ADD and need to have numerous goals. It is always possible that depression and anxiety can get in the way of motivation and there needs to be a way to break through that barrier. For me, music works great. Walking and exercising are beneficial as well. When the body moves, ideas from the right side of the brain arrive and it is amazing how the body and brain are connected and in motion. Don’t be afraid to push yourself (within reason). For me, going to the gym and staying inside my own head while working out inspires me. We must stay as healthy as we can to re-energize ourselves. Life is always moving and always changing and we must hang on and try our best to enjoy the ride. Just fasten your seat belt.

I find it so inspiring to connect with people and get their perspectives on life. I have learned so much from conversations with the janitor at my workplace and the waitress at the diner I frequent. There is a weekly coffee talk I attend where four of us get together and bounce all kinds of ideas around. We learn, we laugh, we listen to other people’s stories, and we reflect. As a writer, this gives me food for thought. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you is a win-win and you can feel the positive energy in the air. All of us in the group enjoy the great vibes.

It’s an odd thing but being grateful for what you have in life can be a tremendous motivator. Just the act of buying an iced coffee always makes me realize how lucky I am. Here I am spending $4.00, and others cannot pay their grocery bill. It is imperative to treasure what you have in life. Try to feel like everything is a treat and not just something you feel you deserve. It’s not what you receive but rather what you give to the world. Just being alive is so inspiring so just go out into the world and be.

 I like to think of staying inspired like a tune-up for a car. We must be re-wired each day to stay motivated. Motivation is not continuous and requires a kick start of energy. At the same time, it’s a good thing to indulge in resting your body. Self-care, staying healthy, and naps help keep those synapses snapping. Also, nature is a huge source of inspiration. There is something about watching nature that lowers stress and inspires us. Just being outside makes us happy and more creative. If you enjoy creating art, the colors of animals and plants will blow your mind. If you think red and purple don’t match, look at birds and flowers and you will immediately mix those colors. In fact, if you have any questions about what colors to match, forget the paint store, and walk outside. The mixtures are all right in front of you.

In a scientific study in Finland, it shows that walking in nature as opposed to an urban environment lowers stress and blood pressure. Being in nature somehow gives our brain a power boost and we become more creative. Just by sitting on a front porch, there are so many things to observe and without even realizing it, we are becoming inspired. There is movement and color, and it never ends. We and nature are one so we cannot help but feel alive and full of ideas and motivation. Nature renews us and we feel like we are now running on a full battery. It is pretty spectacular!