It is so liberating to become an advanced style madam today and we no longer should have to worry about when to wear, what, and where. It is time to pole vault out of the boring box and take risks with style! After all, us senior women have paid our dues in society whether it has been a career or child-rearing or braving health issues or caretaking, so why not explore and enjoy how far we can go having fun dressing up –  or down – for that matter?! Armed with insight and wisdom, we can dare to be different while the roots of our confidence grow.


You have permission to wear sequins in the day, cowboy boots, a flashy. colorful hat, a gold long skirt, vintage jewelry, and whatever you do, do not forget the cat eyeglasses. These items can stand alone, or put them all together! I cherish vintage glasses in particular, as a sacred item. I have taken out many prescription lenses and have commissioned new lenses for my cat eye collection.  Being at an age where we can strut our stuff everywhere, it feels like a million dollars to forget teen-trampled malls, and instead, dipping in at vintage or thrift stores, where there is no pressure. The thrill of the hunt is all part of the experience and finding an old item to breathe new life into is magical.


Not to be morbid, but ladies, it is our last life chapter so why not be outrageous? Plus, you will be a magnet for attracting like-minded people. It is hard to make friends, especially as our dear ones “age out” of this life, so you are a bit forced to advertise, “I’m fabulous and friendly! Let’s do lunch!” Once you gather these cool mavens, the only downside to that is you will be pulling out that Visa card much more often, as you have a new partner in crime; and beware if both of find yourself on the prowl for the same vintage item! In those cases, it is best to cheekily say, “Age before beauty,” and let the eldest take home the prize!


Senior women have so much savvy and I dare say swagger, so why not grow and challenge ourselves and society at this point in time? One of the chief complaints among older women is that they become invisible. Well, honey, it’s hard to be invisible with a purple streak in your gray hair and glasses brandished with gemstones and fuchsia tones! It is only the body that ages: the soul becomes more savory, like a crockpot full of homemade gumbo.


We mature women can rock anything and I love it when Gen Z’ers come up to me and say they love my confidence and style. Body confidence seemed to skip a couple of generations, where only the high schools and senior citizens are coming strong with body confidence. We must shore up those once-revolutionary millennials, who are now trying to fill up houses from Pottery Barn, that second-hand shops still exist, and remind those Gen X’ers of their punk roots! You don’t need to blend in Brooks Brothers when you are trying to stand out, women!


Sadly, some mature women tell me their husbands would shoot them if they changed their style or showed up to the family bar-b-que in tulle. It does take courage to walk out of your door and wear things that don’t match or fit in. But we needn’t be a piece of sheetrock anymore with layers of beige and white. If you are afraid of embarrassing your partner or kids, then they are too sensitive and you are doing them a favor by helping them also step out of the box. Who knows, a little wild-style streak might spark some new attention from your man, no matter his original protests! Sweetheart, you have followed the rules of life long enough and you will be shocked at how great it feels to be different when you walk out in the world.  Less careful, more risky is my mantra! OK, I do draw the line at going nude a la the summer of love, but I can bring back the wonderful fringe vests and tie-dye and leather jewelry!


When you are not obsessed with youth, you can recreate yourself like a blank canvas. Fascinator hats in bright, bold colors can be worn to any day or evening function and if you balance it with black basics, you instantly ooze sophistication. The size of your waist does not matter – wrap a leopard belt around it, and embrace your curves. There is no time limit to any fashion trend. Take the risk because when you look good, you feel good!


We all originate from different backgrounds and cultures and it’s so positive to play on that theme in your dressing. I’m not afraid and don’t care if I become the topic of conversation. I like different rather than sameness, and I’m also willing to talk about it. This openness is exactly what our world needs right now – people willing to show off their uniqueness and others learning to accept it. Fashion is a powerful tool to introduce new ideas and build bridges to others who may be very different than you, but with one compliment, a moment can be shared. I like your hijab; you appreciate my cut-up feminist t-shirt. This is how we embrace and celebrate once another.


In closing, remember it doesn’t take a ton of money to own your style and be diverse. Take a risk and say “Here I Am Today!”