Summer is here and by now, we’ve all been to events where there are big crowds or probably have some planned in the days and weeks ahead.   Maybe you are planning on a watching a sporting event along with everyone else in town. Or participating in an outdoor summer festival. Or maybe an outdoor concert is more your cup of tea.  Whatever it is, there are always things that aren’t fun to think about, but that are important.  Are you going to be in the sun?  How hot will it be and what about heat stroke?  What about germs and catching a bug from being part of a huge crowd?   Not exactly what most of us have on our minds when we plan these fun outings, but still very important for our health and well-being.   Have FUN, but make sure you are healthy and safe while doing it.

See what the American Public Health Association has to say about staying healthy and safe while partaking in some of our most fun – and crowded – summer activities.  Read more in their Get Ready blog.

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