Welcome to Unconditionally Her and to June.  As I am driving one day recently on a 2-hour round trip, the radio channel I am listening to has a line-up of songs that scream summer.  It hit me that May was soon to end, and summer is really soon upon us.   Songs from many eras with anything from the Bangles “Vacation” (“vacation, all I ever wanted, vacation, had to get away”) to the Beach Boys “Kokomo” (Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya, Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama, Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go”) to Sheryl Crow’s “Soak up the Sun” (I’m gonna soak up the sun, gonna tell everyone to lighten up, I’m gonna tell ’em that I’ve got no one to blame for every time I feel lame, I’m looking up”) – all heralding the summer season upon us. It was fun hearing more songs than I realized alluding to summer. Yes, we are there, friends.


School supplies are put away as are the spring jackets and sweaters. It’s time to think about vacations, cookouts, the pool, the lake, the ocean, or anywhere we can get our cool on. With the world gradually and safely opening up again, I am looking forward to a much different summer than last year and am ready to get this thing we call summer started!


Look for reminders of the season throughout Unconditionally Her this month with another refreshing “Boat Bite” summer recipe as part of our summer series, a tribute to National Corn on the Cob Day (YES, there is such a day and what says summer more than corn on the cob?), gardening tips for National Gardening Week, Men’s Health Week, inspiration, travel, and more. We cannot forget that June is National Cancer Survivor Month and in honor of our roots, we celebrate cancer survivors throughout the world.  As our long-time readers know, there are always several UNTOLD stories sprinkled throughout the month and this month is no different, bringing us courage, inspiration, and triumph. We still need a dose of “all of the above,” even in the summer.


Enjoy the start of the season! Maybe you’ll be like me and find some musical inspiration to get in the right frame of mind.  In the words of Selena Gomez, “The heat is blazing like the 4th of July, I got the air con on, and it’s blasted on high, so just grab something cool and jump in your ride.”  Thank you for allowing Unconditionally Her to help kick off your summer.


Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!



Image credits: JewelsforthePauper.  Word Press. jewelsforthepauper.wordpress.com