The Difficulty of the Journey Turns Out to Be The Blessing – Marianne Williamson.

The year of 2010 was a difficult year for me. I watched my mother’s health decline to daily losses and indignities. Watching my mother suffer was heartbreaking. In October, I went for my annual mammogram and was informed I missed a year. Following the examination professionals told me they saw something unusual. I rationalized, that no one in my family has had breast cancer, my sister and my friends often had false alarms by way of cysts.

I was not as lucky, I had breast cancer. Trying to conceal this news from my mother was impossible, she intuitively knew something was wrong and insisted I tell her. The moment I told her I have breast cancer she turned and started praying. A week prior to my mothers death, she grabbed my hand and told me everything would be alright. “They” told me.

Whether it was God , Angels, or deceased family members, a week later my mother had joined them. Raised in a family of strong faith and a mother I believed in, I knew I was safe. As I laid my mother to rest I nervously preceded to go through my operation, chemo then radiation. Although this was a very trying time in my life with the strength of my family and friends there was no time to feel sorry for my self. My three daughter‘s were a band of Angels taking care of me, and my husband could always put a smile on my face.

Through my journey I meet one of my closet friends Lucy who was undergoing chemo with me, she has brought me strength. This experience has taught me to have a positive frame of mind and also to realize what is important to my heart, but also to practice it daily.

I stopped sweating the small stuff. I began to see the beauty in people and nature. I appreciated my health. I acknowledge how blessed I was with loving family and friends. I joined Livestrong at the Rye YMCA and meet many beautiful and strong women, with whom I will be doing a triathlon in Sept. I tell my family and friend‘s that I love them often. And I pray to God everyday and tell him how grateful I am for what a beautiful life I was given. My advice stay connected to people with good energy. “Count your blessing not your sorrows”. Prayer is powerful. Eat your greens. Take up yoga, and remember if you keep an open heart the possibilities are endless.