Let’s talk ????????, shall we? A label is defined as “an abstract concept in sociology used to group people together based on perceived or held identity. Labels are a mode of identifying social groups. Labels can create a sense of community within groups, but they can also cause harm when used to separate individuals and groups from mainstream society.”


In partnership with CO-XST, Unconditionally Her is delighted to invite you to our January table talk on January 21, 2023 featuring the incredible  ??????? ??. ???????.  Natalie is the owner of Yoga Nova Studio in Canada. Natalie passion was to create a place where people could feel the relief of being themselves completely.    In our January Table Talk, we join Natalie to discuss exactly what is human identity or a “label” and why is it so important (and controversial) in today’s conversation.


So, join us on January 21st, 2023 at:  11 A.M. PT/12 P.M. MT/1 P.M. CT/2 P.M. ET







About the Table Talks:


In partnership with CO-XST, our Table Talks are on-line, informal conversations of individuals from every walk of life who are given the opportunity to communicate, express, listen and build relationships that are inspiring and long lasting. These monthly events allow individuals to form a community of support and solidarity in an open and welcoming environment. All are welcome to join for these discussions. Registration is limited to allow for maximum conversation and engagement.


Limited numbers allow for  maximum conversation and engagement. Registration is required to join the call.


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