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Tag: #2023

NEW COLUMN: Taste of Traditions: Drunken Chicken

Over the course of the past year, I took it upon myself to take on the role of the family historian. I must admit this journey has been nothing short of fascinating and rewarding. For me, it has involved researching and documenting my family’s history, tracing my lineage, and learning about my ancestors’ lives and […]
Photo of Karen Shayne & Denise Sissom authors of new column "Small Town Charm"

Small Town Charm: Mackinac Island

Our inaugural Small Town Charm article is actually Small Island Charm.  We packed our bags to see the beauty of this most talked about island called Mackinac.  Our travels took us for a long weekend getaway in mid-July.  Other than a one morning storm, the weather was perfect, and the humidity was non-existent. Mackinac Island […]