Taking Risks In Life – Why Chance It?

It is difficult to reflect on your life without feeling there were risks you should have taken. It comes with the territory of reflection. Why did you not make a certain decision? Shy? Afraid? Worried about the consequences or failure? Don’t feel alone as most of us do have regrets. It’s part of being human and how we feel about uncertainty. If you become too comfortable with life you will never know the outcome of what’s next and that it just might be packed with positives. 

            Risks can be high value or low value. If you know you hate broccoli, take the risk of eating it and hating it, that’s a low risk. If you marry the wrong person knowing in your bones it doesn’t feel right is high risk. That is where we must find the middle road of healthy risks. You must first step out of that scary comfort zone and know who you are. Take your time and test-drive it. Then you put your toes in the water, so to speak, and jump in if the decision feels right. Or if you test drive and it’s out of alignment, put the brakes on. It’s a dance of testing your feelings. I personally have taken many low-wage jobs in life simply because I felt unworthy of more important positions. It cost me years of misery reporting to boring jobs until I finally took a risk at taking a job with many responsibilities.  After that, any job ad I answered was mostly more skills than what I had but I learned them on the job and continued to rise higher in the job market. Take the leap of faith and move on up in life.

            All the unknown in life sucks at the beginning. It’s new territory for us all and humans are programmed to be wary at first. In retrospect, I know it is a good confidence builder to push yourself into the unknown and helps to learn to deal with less anxiety about life situations. Life is hard but it is not the end of the world. Losing your luggage while traveling is one thing, losing a breast to breast cancer is another. To handle either one of these things, we cannot be afraid. There is risk every morning our toes hit the ground as we get out of bed.

            It’s natural to measure the pros and cons before taking on certain situations, but sometimes you just want what you want immediately. So that whipped cream eclair might have 2500 calories, but it tasted fabulous as you closed your eyes and ate it bite by bite. You don’t even think about calories. On the other hand, if you see a person falling off a curb on a sidewalk, there is no time to think about the risk in saving the person. You just dive in and help the person. You don’t even think of the outcomes in both situations. 

            It’s smart to do low risk things first and I did not follow that rule regarding my fear of flying. I always white-knuckled it on all trips and could not even look out of the window. I finally decided the way to cure that and not miss out on life was to book a trip to China! That sure cured me of all fear. I went halfway around the world and forgot I was in the air. I felt the fear first and took the trip anyway. Plus, made lifelong memories of seeing amazing things in real life.