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Tastes of Tradition

By Sandy Williams

While serving as her family historian, Sandy Williams discovered a treasure box of the handwritten recipes – writings she immediately recognized as her mother’s and grandmother’s.  Having her own granddaughter now, the cherished recipes made her realize it’s not only enjoyable to have a recipe that brings back the memories of yesteryear, but by sharing grandma’s recipe with her own granddaughter, they can create new memories and a deeper sense of connection that we will both cherish and appreciate for years to come.

“Tastes of Tradition” is a column that will share some favorite childhood memories and recipes from the table of Sandy’s family – to yours. If you are lucky enough to have parents or elders in your family, Sandy encourages you to take the time to sit and listen to their stories.    Recipes are beautiful reminders of traditions, familiar smells and memories we can all forever cherish. And if you have a recipe, please let us know at Unconditionally Her.  We would LOVE the opportunity to feature your memories along with Sandy’s.

Taste of Traditions: Potato Pancakes

Taste of Traditions: Potato Pancakes These potato pancakes are a cherished culinary classic. For me, I still remember the smell and taste of these little half-dollar delights, but once I popped them into my mouth, I couldn’t help but immediately revisit my youth. Made from grated potatoes, onions, eggs, and a dash of flour (with…

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Taste of Traditions: Watergate Salad

Taste of Traditions: Watergate Salad This recipe is a classic from the 1970s; found written in my grandmother’s familiar handwriting. Although she is clearly not the person who created this recipe (General Foods/Kraft has the honor), it certainly takes me back to my childhood and family gatherings where it was always expected and served! Enjoy…

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