In our world today everyone has an opinion, advice, and lots of information.  Somewhere along the line have we forgotten how to listen? Do we even know how? Can we listen without wanting to speak our perspective or as we say in the South, “giving you my two cents worth?”



In my family we love to talk and talk loud we do. (Yes, my husband has threatened to hand out ear plugs many times.) Talking is in my DNA.  BUT…my listening story started about ten years ago when a unique friendship developed with Bill Evans.



Bill had just lost his bride Mary of over 50 years to cancer and was heartbroken.  Growing up, sweet Bill, Mary and their children Darrell and Christie were always in my life. Years passed and friendships were often put on pause, but never put on pause was my love for them.



Over the years,  Bill and I would hop in the car and say we’re “running around” and be gone for literally hours. Our families were not sure what to think at first, but finally realized we just enjoyed each other’s company – along with many hours of conversation.  Truth be told, I have save A LOT of money in therapy thanks to Bill, as I have happily talked his ears off.



Bill’s getting older and we’re not “running around” as much these days. Our time now is a meal at his home.  That, along with the gift of listening because these days, it’s HIS turn to talk.  My heart is full of his childhood memories of how it used to be. His life stories of gardening, fishing, marriage and one of my favorites, childhood stories of him and my dad.



Because of Bill, I’m learning to be a better listener and, in turn, I hope a better person.



As I conclude, I hope THIS story helps you find THAT unique friendship YOU can listen to. Thank you Bill for listening,  but mostly teaching me to listen.  This is for you.





Bill’s Gift

The craft I chose is a hand made coaster and I used pictures of Bill fishing so he will be reminded of fun memories each time they are used.
Supplies you are going to need:
Smooth tiles
rubbing alcohol
Mod Podge
self-adhesive bumpers and pictures
     Clean tile with rubbing alcohol and apply thin coat of mod podge and let dry
    Cut picture to desired look.  Put three more thin coats of mod podge, allowing each coat dry before adding next coat.
    Apply self adhesive bumpers on back of tile corners.
    Gift to someone you love.