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The Rhythm

By Rhonda Hicks

Welcome to “The Rhythm” a captivating column penned by the insightful Rhonda Hicks. With a unique blend of wisdom, humor, and a touch of Southern charm, this Jersey girl native invites readers on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. In each article, Rhonda delves into the intricate dance of balance of being all things woman while exploring the rhythmic relationship between mind, body, and faith. Rhonda’s words serve as a guiding light, encouraging readers to embrace the beauty of equilibrium in their lives. “The Rhythm” is more than just a column; it’s a sanctuary of inspiration, a space where readers can find solace, laughter, and practical insights into navigating life with family, career and self-advocacy. 

“We are all on this fantastic, crazy yet beautiful, challenging yet rewarding, emotional yet euphoric pilgrimage called life.  Although at different stages, phases and ages, our personal experiences may be unique yet there are common threads that bind us together.  We are all a work in progress.  I am here to be your accountability partner – to journey with you, advocate for you and celebrate with you every step of the way!”  Rhonda Hicks

To The Beat

To The Beat I have a love/hate relationship with the word balance. It’s a word that is often discussed, there have been books written and workshops taught on how to attain “work-life balance” – the idea that one can attain it if following a certain model or practice. I’ve often battled with living in balance and almost always…

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I glanced at my calendar the other day and it hit me that the holiday season is upon us!  My to-do list is getting longer and my calendar is filling up with appointments, commitments and celebrations.  In fact, my tween and teen seem to have busier schedules than I do!  I started to feel a…

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2019 is here and many of us have set our resolutions and goals for the next 12 months.  I have grown to not like the term resolution because it seems they are done out of tradition, along with eating black-eyed peas and greens.  In fact, did YOU know that research has shown that 80% of…

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Step By Step

I didn’t know that such a day existed, but September 15th, 2018 was World Lymphoma Awareness Day, sponsored by the Lymphoma Coalition.  As a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor, I immediately felt an immediate sense of gratitude, as I do at so many other random moments, to be a cancer survivor after having endured 17 immunotherapy treatments. …

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