Do you ever need a reality check?  You know, those moments where you are totally sucked into your own reality and need to be brought out of it?  Most times there are only a few people who can bring us to that “place” of reckoning.


Several years ago, my sisters and I developed a reality check system for each other. It is called, “The Sting”. If a sister feels the need to inform another sister about a different point of view, the truth, or if the sister is just wrong, the sister will ask, “Do you want to be stung?”.


There are a few rules the sisters need to follow. The first rule is, you have to ask the sister first, “Do you want to be stung?” If yes, then the sister will proceed to “sting” with the information, advice or hard truths. Secondly, the sister that has been “stung” cannot get mad.  Thirdly, and most importantly, all “stings” must be out of love and concern. Lastly, if the sister is in a fragile state, don’t sting…don’t even ask to sting!


Sister #1, Sherry, does not necessarily enjoy this activity. There have been “emergency stings” on a few occasions. This is not her cup of tea.


Sister #4, Stephanie, is the polite, well thought out one and will not abuse the system. This makes her a little difficult to “sting”.


Sister #5, Laura, is the “light stinger”, never wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings and expects to be “stung” in the same manner.  And, as our baby sister, her wish is always granted.


Now let’s talk about sister #2, Gayle, and myself, sister #3. We live to “sting” and be “stung” by each other! We are like two bees that have been sprayed with a water hose. Our skins are so thick that it’s hard to “sting” each other sometimes.


There are some flaws in our system though. Not all sisters can receive the same level of “stings”. Just asking the question, “Do you want to be stung?” is sufficient for some sisters and some situations. Some sisters may disagree or refuse a “sting” and the information that follows. For me personally, this has been a beneficial tool. I appreciate that my sisters help me see things differently (with love) and hold me accountable.


Now, what about you?  Who holds you accountable?  Who do you trust to be your “sting” and how can they positively contribute to your authentic life?


It’s worth a question, don’t you think?