The Vault

Most of us have been asked or told to “put this in the vault “. Our hearts start to race, our imaginations run rampant, and we start to feel a little special. After all, we were chosen to keep this important information. Can one have a secure vault? Can we really trust another person to keep our darkest secrets, our private thoughts, and our life-altering decisions safe?

The past few years the responsibility of maintaining my vault has become more than I can handle. I am ashamed to admit my vault needs repair. I have some minor leaks, overcrowding issues, memory failure and unacceptable accident reports. With this being said, I am going to limit my vault intake until all repairs are completed. During this process, I decided to look at my sisters’ vaults to get some suggestions on how to improve mine.

Gayle, sister #2, is what I call the “Vault Enforcer”.  She can be compared to Fort Knox. She has the latest security system with not a leak, crack, or repair needed. She has the capability of running her vault like a small country with a well-trained military. No one can breach her vault. The consequences of just trying are terrifying.

Stephanie, sister #4, is what I call the “ Secret Vault”.  She hides your valuable information in her organized, brightly lit, well-maintained vault that is hidden away from all eyes and ears. Due to her tight lip and discreet mannerisms, some people are unaware she even has a vault. She has the rare ability to camouflage her’s. Stephanie makes it look easy but, few have mastered this unique ability.

Laura, sister #5, is what I call the “ Serious Vault”. All requests are taken with extreme seriousness. Every ounce of her attention and love are given to you. While she absorbs all your valuable information, her eyes are focused only on you. Her vault technique has no judgment, interruption, or unwanted advice. Laura’s high-priority seriousness has some drawbacks…..tears.

With this priceless information, I know that I can get my vault renovated quickly. Please feel free to use any material in this article for your vault repairs and maintenance.