In the last article, I talked about the importance of preparing your skin before make up to create the perfect canvas. While there are many tricks make up pros use in their work, most of us have some pretty basic steps we take with our clients as well as our own make up application.

1. Always start with a prepped eyelid.
It helps with blending and setting the makeup. I like to use foundation and powder to prep my eyes, but you can use an eye prep product if that makes the process easier. With mature skin, it’s always important to moisturize so this prepping of the lid will help the makeup last and prevent smearing.

2. Shimmer and sparkles can be pretty, but they’re not for everyone.
They can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, exactly what we DON’T want to do. It’s best to stay with a matt look. If you want a “pop” of shimmer, just a dab in the inner corners is enough and can be a fun addition to your look.

3. Define and add depth to your eyes.
But a heavy hand with makeup can actually make you look older. If your skin is particularly dry, it will only make this more obvious. I always recommend using neutral shades you simply want to enhance your natural beauty.  Remember, less is more.

4. When lining, remember that darker colors can be aging and harsh.
Depending on skin tone and age, I typically use a dark brown, unless a person’s coloring can handle black. Again, you want to enhance your beauty and define your eyes.

Stay as close to the lash line as possible. As we age, our lashes have a tendency to become sparse. Some women undergoing treatment lose their lashes completely. A good trick is to line along the natural lash line with a soft, neutral pencil. This will give the illusion of lashes. I sometimes line the lash line with a pencil and then go over it with a dark powder to really get it into the lash line.

5. Add a heavy coat or two of mascara.
If you have lost your lashes due to treatment, false lashes are a possibility, but it can be challenging to make them look natural. When applying them, get them as close to the base of the natural lash line as possible. When the lashes are gone, it’s not as easy to do. It’s a personal decision, but from my own experience, I chose just to line my eyes during treatment. Before I knew it, my own lashes were back.

6. Blushing and bronzing.
I usually just bronze lightly around the hairline and jaw. Then smile! And apply a soft color right on the cheeks, the “apples.” Go easy and remember, stay away from shimmer.

7. Pucker up!
During my treatment my lips were always very dry. I line lips with a neutral shade and then apply lipstick or gloss. A good tip is to line the entire lips and then apply gloss. This will help the color to last longer. If your skin is exceptionally dry or you have fine lines around your lips, try just gloss. This is more youthful and moisturizing. It gives a hint of color without drawing too much attention to the dryness.

Stay away from dark or red colors. Very aging and true red is not easy to wear. I think there should be a disclaimer on red lipstick: “To be used ONLY by the young!”

8. Add a light dusting of powder.
Use it just where you need it to set your look.

The real trick is to feel your best. When you look in the mirror, say, “WOW!”  Don’t feel like it?  Say it anyway!  Positive self-talk is the best makeup tip ever. The shine from the inside always shows on the outside.