Those Post Holiday Cues

Hey there, friends –  who’s exhausted? Has that marathon stretch from October 31 through the past several days got you down? Or is “down” even the right way to put it?  I don’t know about you, but I always experience an odd feeling immediately after Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a mixture of exhausted, contented, restless, unsettled, pleased, grateful, bored, and more than a touch of relieved. It can really get me stuck in a rut. I even came up with a word for it:  janivalent.  Stay with me here…

Janivalent– /ˈjan ivələnt/


The state of having contradictory feelings following the winter holiday season, generally occurring anywhere between December 26 and Twelfth Night. Unchecked, a most unproductive condition of being. 

Syn.: winfuddled, snowralysis.

Ex.: “She frittered away her remaining days off, distracted and janivalent as she binge-watched the Hallmark Channel for hours.”

Janivalence occurs because the big stuff (that we maybe overdid?) is over, and perhaps we took some extra time off in the name of relaxation. And sure, sometimes engaging in a little mindless activity is helpful and healthy. That said, I know I sometimes overestimate the need for a stretch of unstructured time, and I think I’m far enough along in this life to recognize that I really hate wasting a day spinning my wheels. I just feel, well, kind of gross. Acknowledging and accepting my “janivalence” generally helps – it cues me into action. 

Action doesn’t necessarily mean I’m furiously reorganizing the pantry or purging the unused holiday decor and ornaments. Or even plotting and writing things out in my new planner (yes, I already have it ready to go). But it might mean thinking through and deciding upon some intentional things, as opposed to allowing the hours to tick by without any shape at all. That can wear me out as much or more than partying into the wee hours. 

So in the name of battling janivalence, here are some ways I handle this weird space of time:

I want to make the most of all days, whether they come with wrapping paper and champagne, or gray skies and early sunsets. So what do you think? How might you take a cue from all the post-holiday feels, and turn them into something inspirational to kick off your year?

Here’s to a happy, healthy, productive 2019!