To celebrate Mothers Day, Unconditionally Her, in partnership with Lorna Dancey Photography and the Women Survivors Alliance, announces a very special, twelve-day series honoring all moms.

Photographing women for the past few years has made Canadian Photojournalist Lorna Dancey realize that we are all too hard on ourselves.

In today’s society, there is so much pressure for women to constantly be “more” and for some reason teach us that we are not “enough”. Women feel the pressure of the thigh gap craze, the size zero stereotype.  They feel the pressure to never age and to dress like we just popped out of a fashion magazine, to please everyone and to be more while ensuring their family has a healthy diet and a happy home. Women try to balance work and life, and if they have children,  drive them to dance, soccer, and piano while hoping no-one noticed that their yoga pants were actually on inside out.

Then, at the end of the day, women look in the mirror and sigh, so tired from trying to be too much to everyone and still feel they have fallen short in one way or another.

This misconception inspired and gave Lorna the idea to use her photography to help mothers view themselves differently. She created a project called ‘Through Mine, Through Yours, Through Theirs. “ As a photographer, she doesn’t see flaws or misperceptions. She sees your smile. She sees your eyes. She sees the crinkle on your nose when you laugh. She simply sees you. Lorna states, “If you celebrate you, your children will do the same for themselves.”

For the project, Lorna asked 10 volunteer moms to bring their children.  She asked each woman what they felt held themselves back.  Then she took mom’s photo.  Lorna then brought in the child and photographed them together.

“After the family photo, I asked Mom to wait in another room. When she left, I asked the children what they loved about their Mom.” She created a family “portrait” through the photos and the child’s narrative. “I wanted each mother to see themselves through their children’s eyes,” stated Lorna.

Each day on Facebook, Lorna posted one family’s photos and their story. The reaction was outstanding. So much love for this project came pouring in from everyone: husbands, family, friends. Words of love and appreciation.  Words That wouldn’t have been said without the moments of vulnerability captured in the photos.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Unconditionally Her will share these stories.  We want every motherly figure, whether you are momma to a real child, mommy to a furry family member, or a caregiver to an elderly parent, to share in this inspirational series.

Be kind to yourself.  Don’t simply look through your own critical eyes. Instead, look through the loving, trusting, and proud faces of those people most important to you. In their eyes, you are, indeed the perfect Mom.

Please join us in the celebration of – YOU – by following the 12-part series “Through Mine. Through Hers. Through Theirs.” at

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!


Lorna Dancey: As a social impact photographer, Lorna Dancey empowers people through her unique photography coupled with her genuine style of writing, that inspires hope and change in the world Lorna has the ability to capture the essence of truth in a world of unspoken and silent topics that relate to mental health, domestic abuse, cancer, homelessness and PTSD. Lorna has interviewed and photographed over 200 individuals to draw attention and to help remove the stigma surrounding these very important topics. These topics consist of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide, cancer and much more in hopes of helping others who struggle to not feel so alone and realize they matter; and in doing so, Lorna is able to give a face to those who suffer in silence and for us all to realize we are not alone.