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CRISSCROSS Intimates (March 5, 2018)

By Designer, Author & Columnist, Jean Criss, New York, March 2018 Unconditionally Her Magazine.

When you may be down and in despair, learning to cope can be hard no matter what the situation, ailment or your personal experience.  Having hope, love, and support is key to one’s recovery. Learning to never, never, never give up is the ultimate goal and today’s mantra.

I recently experienced having to coach a close colleague who was in need of encouragement.  Sometimes our deepest fears can be overcome by hope, love and support extended by a friend or family member.  Always remember, you are never alone. Those few simple words; you are not alone can mean so much to someone who is down and out, in need of help to find the road to recovery. The silver-lining will shine.  Know that there is always a colorful rainbow on the horizon. That sudden darkness will soon disappear.

As someone who experienced depression firsthand, during post breast cancer recovery, I know it is quite difficult to pick yourself up off the mat and move forward.  Whether it be cancer or other illnesses or anxiety, depression or other reasons that bring you down, the never-ending road to recovery can become crystal clear with proper guidance and support.  That road may lead you to open a new door just ahead.  That everlasting sunshine will provide bright stars and smiles that lift your spirit.

Never, never, never give up.  There is help and hope.

 Turn to friends, colleagues and family.  Resources are available.  Even when your mind may seem foggy, try to step outside of your zone and look outside the hour-glass.  You may see that your glass is filled with love and not half empty – it’s filled with joy all the way to the top!  Focus on positive things one step at a time.  Remove all negativity in your life (friends and outside circumstances) and focus on the good that tomorrow brings.  You will move forward.  That disabling feeling will pass, and you will take one step forward, one at a time.  It may be one tiny step but at your own pace. If you are a friend in need, have a friend in need of support, just be there for them. #JustBeThere.

I’ve learned not to judge. Do not tell someone what to do.  Be a good open listener. That’s being a good friend.  Open communications is helpful as well as two-way conversations not directed as one-sided.  Be a coach or mentor if called upon.  Don’t volunteer unnecessary information unless the recipient asks for your advice.

You may have heard you can catch more flies with honey than sugar – be that sticky honey bee!  Don’t get stuck in the sugar bowl!  Be the sticky pad and stay by your friend or families side.  They will appreciate you, build trust in you and recovery will happen no matter how much life throws at them.

There are many channels for support across many organizations.  If you need support, ask someone (physician, colleague, friend, family member).  A close resource or relative is nearby. Hope is here and healing will happen.  I wish you many happy days and remember to seek out the happiness in all of life’s crappiness as my friend Karen Salmansohn states. I’d love to hear back from you – please feel free to share your thoughts.

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