In partnership with CO-XST, Unconditionally Her is proud to present CO-XST: The Podcast. These inspiring conversations will ignite curiosity within the walls of humanity.  From influencers to educators and everyday people living extraordinary lives through their struggles and successes, each podcast’s goal is to see yourself in the mirror of the words spoken and while listening, reflecting personal situations in your everyday life. We struggle, we succeed.  We are challenged and we challenge others.  We wish to be trailblazers at the same time we want to feel peace.  On this podcast, we talk about it all.  We listen and we really TALK about how we can all live a little bit lighter and braver, free-er, ultimately finding our authentic self. Through the tough questions and through provoking conversations, it is the hope of CO-XST to share the tools and inspiration to make your world more purposeful, thus helping others to live their more connected life.





PODCAST #1 – WHAT IS CO-XST: THE PODCAST?  – Karen Shayne/Kiya Naka


So, let’s face it, there are a LOT of podcasts.  So, why should you tune in?  Well, these days there’s much to talk about and the girls are sharing it all!   Cultures are changing, movements are happening, and life is evolving every day. And we know there’s value in learning from other’s stories. Well, this podcast is just about that – acknowledging others for who they are and their stories of how they got to where they are today. From breaking out of boxes to breaking down barriers, this is a podcast of exploring some of the most fulfilling and fascinating stories of empowerment, change with everyday people sharing their stories how we can be better stewards co-xsting despite our different backgrounds, ideologies or circumstances.


Coming from two different cultures and countries themselves, Karen Shayne and Kiya Naka believe it’s time to share the love, thrive, and spread a little kindness to create a better space to co-xst with each other.  It all starts today!  So, come on! You can find us on Apple, Spotify or anywhere you get your podcasts.







If you want to go fast, you go alone.  If you want to go far, we go together.” Leanne Jamison is a licensed professional counselor Holistic Life Coach, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur. Leanne’s superpower is creating a safe space and support for female trailblazers and leaders to explore internal blocks so you can create a Powerful shift from limitation into unlimited possibilities. It’s a trailblazing hour of WOW. Come listen to what she has to say about creating that perfect female community.


Check Leanne out at Essentially Zenful and get ready to let her in your life for the ultimate change!  Let’s go!




he CO-XST podcast is a production of Team Co-XST and Untold Originals.  Hosts are Karen Shayne and Kiya Naka. Editing by Tyler Goins and Caden Nelms.  Theme Song “Ready” by Chloe Caroline. 



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