This September, Unconditionally Her, in partnership with media group, CO-XST, will begin hosting on-line, informal conversations open to all individuals from every walk of life who are desiring an opportunity to communicate, express, listen and build relationships that are inspiring and long lasting.


These monthly events allow attendees an opportunity to form a community of support with other like minds across the globe, seeking advice on all sorts of life matters from work/life balance, to careers, to finding your authentic self. Whatever the topics, we dig deep, speak out loud and share with each other how to get where we want to be.  Perhaps you are questioning your purpose in life.  Or, you have a mission and are not sure how to achieve that big step.  Maybe you are just in a place where you are living life unfulfilled, and you are allowing society pressure to rule your decisions.  Whatever it may be, these “Table Talks” want you to find the steps to achieve your best life.  Attendance is always capped to ensure all attendees have a chance to speak with the host/influencer.


For our first event, we welcome Canadian Yoga Master and Inspirational Leader, Jess LeBlanc. Jess defines herself as an experimental educator, wellness innovator, yoga teacher and leadership facilitator.   No matter when or how you might encounter Jess, it is always her goal that you walk away feeling loved, lighter, capable and as though you truly belong.


Years ago, I stopped trying to fit into the boxes and molds society had created for me,” states Jess.  “It took breakdowns in order to breakthrough, and I had to muster up courage and creativity day after day but when I chose to listen closely to my heart, I knew I had to carve a bold path for myself and support others who wanted to follow in a similar direction.”


Jess founded her company “Embodied Living” (formerly Embodied Adventure) and coined the unique term ‘Connection Catalyst’ to describe her work and authentic contribution to the world. The noun catalyst is something or someone that causes a change and is derived from the Greek word katalύein, meaning “to dissolve.”


I love to curate experiences such as global adventures, transformational education trainings intentionally designed to allow people to deeply connect to their most purposeful self, others and the planet,” Jess states enthusiastically. “When people participate in these experiences, they are safe to be fully self-expressed. They obtain the confidence and tools to take personal responsibility and regain control of how they want to feel and think in their life. Choice is restored and unique gifts are excavated and ignited when you are connected within community.”


Jess believes you are not alone, and it takes work to process the fires of life so that you can lead from wholeness.  “Set a clear intention, declare what you need.  Purposefully decide what you desire.  Then, raise the bar and commit.”


Let’s go, get to the table (maybe with a great glass of wine) and let’s grow together.  Join Jess for “Burn Bright Not Out” in our first partnership with CO-Xst for a “Table Talk” on September 29th, 2022 at 3pm EST.