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My First Breath:  The Story of Carl Gibson

From Addiction to Redemption: A Journey of Faith, Recovery, and Family Restoration.

A production of Unconditionally Her Media and CO-XST Media, we present our first 40-minute documentary, delving into the captivating journey of Carl Gibson.

At age 10, Carl began experimenting with “huffing gas” on his family’s Dahlonega, Georgia property, a decision that set the stage for a risky downfall into substance abuse. His reliance on drugs became a way to cope with the deep-seated anxiety and depression rooted in the cycle of addiction and abuse within his home. Through his teenage and young adult years, Carl’s addiction intensified, ultimately leading to the heart-wrenching loss of his family and support system.

Today, Carl candidly shares his life experiences with our team, recounting the pivotal moments that have shaped his present identity: a man of unwavering faith, a dedicated family member, a successful professional, and an individual with a singular mission—to help others conquer the formidable battle of drug addiction and seek family restoration.

Carl’s story merits global attention, serving as a testament to the resilience and determination one can summon while pursuing dreams, protecting loved ones, and realizing their ultimate human potential, triumphing over the daunting challenges of addiction.

The Trailer is Available with the Extended Version Set to Debut Spring/Summer 2024.

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Soul Shocked w/ Carl Gibson

How often in our lives do we explore the profound connection between our inner selves (our soul) and the ever-changing landscape of our lives?   Life can be surprising at times sometimes and the whiplash of unexpected changes can often send shockwaves down to the the core of our being. How does our soul respond to these shocks, and what happens to our sense of identity in the process?   Today on the show we are going to explore a personal narrative with a friend you and I have grown to love, as he shares his own experiences of adjustment during times of change. The reflection and growth I must say are pretty beautiful as he shares how he has coped and even learned to thrive in the face of life-altering shifts  Join us as we share insights about navigating soul shocks, understanding how they shape our identities, and finding the strength to adapt to life’s inevitable changes. exploring how disruptions can lead to a transformative journey.

Soul Shocked Unconditionally Her Podcast

My First Breath Interview: The Unconditionally Her Podcast

Carl delves deeper into the undisclosed aspects of his life story, shedding light on experiences that were not covered in the film. He is joined by his son, Nick, as they openly share the pivotal moments that have defined their current relationship. Much like the film, this podcast serves as a testament to the resilience and determination that one can summon when pursuing their dreams, safeguarding their loved ones, and realizing their full human potential, all while triumphing over the formidable challenges posed by addiction. Carl’s transformation into a pillar of strength and a remarkable man with unwavering faith and a profound dedication to his family becomes an inspiring example to everyone dealing with a struggle in their life. 

Prepare yourself, and grab a hankie as this touching story will surely tug at your heartstrings.

Thank You Carl

The crew of My First Breath wishes to express our heartfelt gratitude for your extraordinary and courageous effort in bearing your soul during the making of this film. Your willingness to open up and share your personal experiences has undoubtedly added a profound layer of authenticity and emotional depth to the project. Your contribution goes beyond the screen; it has the power to touch hearts and inspire change in the lives of those who watch. Thank you for your dedication to this film that has the potential to change lives.

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