Having cancer is hard enough without having to worry about finding a good bra post-treatment.     Unconditionally Her welcomes new contributor Jean Criss.  Jean will be writing about her story and journey with breast cancer and sharing personal experiences with our readers.    Additionally, she will share her Breast Cancer Book and new reality story in development.    Today’s topic?  Great new intimate apparel options for cancer survivors!

Jean Criss



Bras, Camisoles, Vests (and more)!

Jean became interested in sharing her story about her lengthy post-recovery process and the behind the scenes entrepreneurial strides she has made to launch various brands — Books, Bras, Blogs plus other Tech products, yet to be announced, as a newbie Entrepreneur.  Her new breast cancer bra line CRISSCROSS is the most compelling.  Since she became a survivor, she has not been bashful to venture into new territory including the fashion world, writing about it, with entrepreneurial spirit.   She dives in deep and is passionate about all her work endeavors.

Jean took her experience after wearing extremely uncomfortable, utilitarian, ugly bras during her post-recovery as a survivor and adapted new technologies to create a better bra.  She uses advanced healing solutions, stylistic features with ease-of-use designs and attractive styles to offer breast cancer survivors a new way to feel confident and look beautiful as soon as they leave the OR room.  All of which were very important goals in her product development.

The collection will offer solutions for both men and women including bras and camisoles, and men’s vests in attractive colors and styles – apparel she wanted to see in the marketplace as a working professional!  Jean also designed chic hospital gowns and contemporary medical scrubs making a patient and caregiver’s hospital experience more enjoyable and comfortable for all.  She then carried her legacy, married name “Criss” forward by integrating it into the brand name with “CRISSCROSS™”. After Jean became a widow at the young age of 28 years old, she never forgot her experience.  She decided to dedicate the brand in memory of her belated husband, and bras in memory of cancer survivors. Her utility patent and designs were recently approved by the USPTO and she is beginning manufacturing, sales and distribution this year.

The first bra will be named the “Nina” bra, after her close Aunt who died tragically of Stage 4 breast cancer after 9 long years with the disease.  The second style will be named the “Christina” bra, named after a close friend who also died from Stage 4 breast cancer — they shared business trips together as recovering survivors and their personal stories as new Authors when they became close friends.  Jean encourages other survivors and family members and friends to contribute to the ongoing design and development of the CRISSCROSS brand by donating.  Other breast cancer charitable partners will be announced with the launch of her e-commerce site and she intends to sell her products thru specialty stores, boutiques, hospitals, doctor’s offices, cancer care organizations, among other retail and department stores.

The CRISSCROSS line is intended for any breast cancer survivor 0 – 120+ days post-surgery, for men or women who’ve had a single or bi-lateral lumpectomy, mastectomy, augmentation or reconstructive surgery providing proper compression undergarments for advanced healing.  CRISSCROSS: Feel Confident, Look Beautiful! is her slogan for women, and Feel Confident, Look Handsome! Is her slogan for men.

You can learn more about the CRISSCROSS here.  Or order a copy of BLISS!, join her mailing list, or schedule an appointment, by contacting  Jean here.  .  Her next article will discuss “What’s Unconditionally Her?!” How Jean became an Author and got start #blogging for #IntimateApparel Journals.

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