Editors Note:  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we share one of our UNTOLD stories of Las Vegas Actress/Singer/Songwriter Rhayne Thomas. Unconditionally Her thanks Rhayne for her willingness to share her story to inspire breast cancer survivors all over the world.  

At 4pm on Friday, April 29th, 2011, I received a call from my doctor telling me I had breast cancer. Yes I was shocked. I never smoked, drank or did drugs and it certainly did NOT run in my family. I took good care of myself. WHAT?!? Once I hung up the phone and pulled my thoughts together, I called my husband and a few best friends to tell them what I just heard. They, too, were shocked but I assured them that I was going to be just fine.

Armed with the information I just received from my doctor, I headed out to a wonderful party because I knew I was going to fast track and get that “thing” out of my body.

Monday, May 2nd at 7:00am I was in my doctor’s office looking at that “thing” in my films as well as a laundry list of tests I needed, places I needed to go get them and other doctor’s appointments that my breast surgeon said needed to be done in a timely fashion. She asked when I would like to have my lumpectomy surgery. “ASAP.” She said she could do it on Wednesday, May 4th if I got the laundry list completed. For two long/short days, I went around numbly, getting that list checked off.

Wednesday, May 4th at 7:45am my friend drove me to the hospital so I could get that “thing” out of my body and I wasn’t nervous or afraid because I knew I was going to be just fine. I have always been someone who believes that Faith and Prayer takes care of all things and this was no exception. I was being treated by some of the top doctors in the country so I packed my humor on and after a chorus of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” in the operating room, I was under my doctor’s spell of darkness.

My friends all know me as an Experience Junkie, Fun Queen and The Prune Whisperer and this was a great time to keep up that image! So there I was, in Arizona, staying with a family I’d only known for 6 months, my hubby in Las Vegas (where we live) holding down the fort, and me, starting another unknown journey.

Let me say that in a weird and wacky sort of way, I enjoyed the journey. No, I would NEVER, EVER want to hear that “c” word again but during my time in Arizona, I made many lifetime friends, explored tons of places, ate with anybody I met and became such an inspiration to my medical teams that I ended up on billboards all over Arizona! I am always amazed at the things GOD does for me and the people He places in my life to make sure I continue to walk in my purpose of blessing others and accepting their blessings.

As a volunteer for many causes, including cancer, for over 38 years, I KNOW the power of staying positive, being around positive people and, of course, laughter.

July 15, 2018, will be my 7-year cancer free journey mark and I will be celebrating my doctors, their teams and all of those who supported me with their positive messages, funny jokes and great smiles during my battle.