As we continue to celebrate the 4th of July this week, let’s take a moment to reflect on the power within us to break free from our own limiting beliefs. This is our time to ignite the inner fire that propels us past the stars beyond any boundaries we once thought unbreakable.

Remember, true freedom starts from within. It’s about releasing the chains of doubt and embracing the boundless potential in our hearts. Each of us has a unique legacy to create, a dream to fulfill, and a purpose that lights the path for others to follow.

This Independence Day, let’s celebrate the courage to dream big, the strength to overcome, and the unwavering commitment to align with our most authentic selves. Let’s blaze trails, shatter ceilings, and inspire others to do the same.Here’s to creating a world where our inner freedom knows no limits and our dreams become the legacy we leave behind. 


Blaze & Sip Monthly Blaze and Sip Tea Circle

Monday July 15th @ 1pm EST

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At Blaze and Sip, we gather to foster connections, collaborations, and community. Expect open discussions, inspiring guest speakers, and transformational activities tailored for visionary women.

This Blaze and Sip, our very own Trailblazer, Dr. Sarah George, is presenting on the Physiology of  Relaxation and Deep Relaxation for Healing.    


Bold Moves Bootcamp

Friday August 9th
Rushford Lake, NY
In-Person Day Bootcamp

This is for Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of their own way and into the expansion of their Business.  

This is the Bootcamp for you if:

You feel stuck and stagnant even though you have been taking steps to move forward.

You continuously take one step forward and 3…4…5…6 steps back.

You are feeling frustrated with your lack of forward movement in your business.  

What you will receive: