Here at Unconditionally Her, we love sharing about upcoming workshops that create a life filled with inspiration, passion, growth and a deep sense of purpose.  We also love our Leanne Jamison and how she literally has dedicated her life to transforming women into being their best and most authentic self.



Leanne offers to our readership FREE trainings, workshops, retreats and more! And, we at Unconditionally Her want you to know all about all the upcoming summer events just waiting for you to  explore.



Take a look at be sure to visit her at Essentially Zenful.  Be sure you let her know Unconditionally Her sent you!





5 Days to Align with Your Next Level Life Purpose Workshop


June 5th-9th at 1pm EST Daily

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This is your unique opportunity to invest time into your personal and professional growth and transformation. This workshop is packed with powerful exercises and life-changing mindset shifts that guide, inspire, and empower you to align with your Big Life Vision, Mission, and Purpose





Foxfire Summer Artisan Festival


June 25th from 11am-3pm

Buffalo, New York

Free event

Are you ready for an Artisan Market filled with Experiences?!
We have amazing local artists who are so excited to share their divine gifts with you!
We also have an art experience for you, your friends, and your family so you can tap into your own creative!
Having difficulty connecting with your inner creative? Have no fear, we have breathwork and meditation sessions that will help you release any internal blocks and have you creating in no time!

Join Essentially Zenful on June 25th for a Festival to Experience!





Wild Women Rising


August 11-13th

Port Leyden, NY

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Be the disturbing element in this world.

Be the believer that all things are possible.

We can defy gravity.

We  can heal ourselves.

We can soar.

The belief that anything is possible is one of the strongest energies.  Join Leeanne Jamison. on August 11th to become the Disturbing Element.



The Awakening Retreat:   The Path to Your Most Empowered Life


September 21-24th

Lewiston, NY

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For Women who are looking to create more joy, passion, and self love in their life.  We have 6 Powerful trainings, a private chef to create our own Mindful meal with, a beautiful view and house for the weekend.  Let’s take a look at a few limiting beliefs surrounding Pleasure.


I encourage you to take the time to identify which resonate with you:  Indulging in things I enjoy leads to addiction.  Embracing pleasure creates suffering. I am not meant to feel that amount of pleasure.   I am not worthy of pleasure.  When I feel pleasure, that means it’s bad and/or I am bad.  Indulging in pleasure is greedy and selfish.

If you are ready to let go of these beliefs that keep you from living your most Empowered life, join us for The Awakening Retreat from September 21-24, 2023.