It’s been a couple of years since I have been in a volunteer leadership role. My children are grown and I am older with less energy. However,  last few years while being on the sidelines this has been a big topic in my town. Where are the leaders? Why can’t we get someone? How do we find them?


Have we forgotten that this is a volunteer position? Should our volunteer leaders be held to a higher standard? Should they be fair, respectful, obey rules, show empathy, and be honest? Absolutely! That being said, as a follower and/or participants do we hold any responsibility? Absolutely! 


My story started several months ago when a neighbor, Jess Anne, asked me to join a class she was teaching (Bible Study Fellowship). She set up a “get to know me” coffee meeting, she ordered my book, helped facilitate my online registration, and sent me several texts and emails regarding the class. When class started, not only did she need to prepare for the lesson, she had weekly leadership meetings and she was taking a technology class. She contacted each member every week for prayer requests and/or praises..and these are just the things that I am aware of.


During the 30-week class, I unexpectedly became aware of the dynamics within the group. Jess Anne provided a positive atmosphere for learning while keeping the sometimes chatty group under control. The ladies responded by showing a remarkable level of respect, gratitude, and willingness to help out. Through the nurturing of Jess Anne and the love of the group, two ladies stepped up as leaders. 


As I reflect on this group experience, I understand a leader’s role in today’s society a little better. It has many challenges that go beyond teaching and leading. Thanks to Jess Anne, we can all be assured that there are great leaders still out there.


I want to say thank you to Jess Anne and all of the wonderful ladies. I am so blessed to be part of this group. Thank you Unconditionally Her readers for letting me share some of my journey with you. “FROM THIS” group experience “TO YOU” let’s become better followers and in return, we will find our much-needed volunteer leaders.




For this craft, I am going to be using my recycled yard sale items.  I have chosen a lantern to represent the light Jess Anne shines on so many.  I removed the glass from the lantern as well as the candle, using small tools from around the house (I used a small screwdriver).  After washing down the lantern, I used a paper towel to gently polish the lantern using some simple vegetable oil from the kitchen pantry.  This created a beautiful shine to the dull state of the metal.





I gathered an assortment of greenery, flowers and ribbon I had collected over the years.  Note:  your vision may change as you begin the creation process of your craft.  That’s completely OK.  There’s no wrong or right here.  It’s what fits the style of your recipient that matters in the end.  For Jess Anne’s gift, I actually change the greenery and ribbon several times before I found the perfect combination.







The final product was the combined material of purple ribbon and greenery with a splash of white to make it pop.  This creation of taking an unloved lantern to a gift of appreciation was one of my favorite projects to date.    It fit Jess Anne’s style perfectly.   I know in my heart each time she sees this gift, she will realize how much all her special ladies appreciate and love her.




Jess Anne’s prayers of faith and conviction have touched my life immensely.  Today,  it is my own small prayer that those reading this article understand the true importance of volunteering and how it can ultimately change a life.