New York, December 15, 2017

by Author & Columnist, Jean Criss

What would have made the world of difference to me as a recovering breast cancer survivor in 2007-2011 would have been to wear comfortable stylish undergarments that not only used trending fibers and fabrics but also had a chic look to support my post-surgical, bi-lateral mastectomy needs.  I wanted a stylish garment to wear under my apparel when I returned to the workplace that offered me high performance and comfort.  That ultimately became my mission when I became a fashion designer.  I sought out advanced healing solutions with fabrics and accessories to my fashion dilemma and put my passion for fashion to work in the textile technology workplace.

Fast forward 2017, The Nina Bra became the first prototype I tested and launched back in October 2014.  I originally searched high and low for the right fabric content, look and feel that I wanted with advanced healing compression fabrics.  I needed the product to offer the right mix of fibers to form a tight compression over the breasts. I also wanted to offer it in a variety of bold beautiful colors to support a survivor’s psychology for healing.  I desired heavier, soft fabrics for the women’s bras and men’s vests and a lighter-weight, matching fabric for the panties.  I created numerous sample prototypes with proper bra fits and, ultimately, found the right fabrics to move forward with.  I was pleased with my final choice in fibers and fabrics content overall.

The Nina Bra first prototype soft launch, SoHo, New York. Oct. 2014.  A trendy wearable technology mastectomy (post-surgical) Bra for any stage or phase of Breast surgery

During this time, I learned about fibers, weights, compression, anti-microbial fibers, breathability, wear-ability, trims and more.  I sourced various fabrics to fit the bill.

Then, I added lace over an energy releasing fiber on another design with The Christina Bra — a prosthesis pocket bra, providing high performance compression in a more luxurious style Bra for mastectomy patients, bonded and sustainable for healing.

The Christina Bra — a prosthesis pocket bra, available in pearl white and black or black and tan Utilizing FDA-approved fabric in pocket liners

 Did you know that over 60% of our thermal energy is lost to escaping body heat? Most textiles either trap or vent body heat whereas this fabric turns your energy normally wasted into infrared light with ceramic fibers, woven into the textile allowing high performance and increased blood flow.  When I sourced textiles, I knew my solution would be revolutionary and I’d be one of the first brands in the Intimates marketplace to use such fibers with Intimate Apparel.  The Nina Bra became a true market-pleaser for post-surgical Breast Patients and Survivors! (learn about our fabric).

Now the fabric is FDA approved, Celliant® is a clinically tested textile technology available for medical devices and general wellness products (as defined in Section 201 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act) July 2017 and was my first chosen fabric.

As a bilateral mastectomy patient who underwent far too many surgical procedures, I knew what other patients would want during recovery, especially since I endured bi-lateral lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation, reconstructive surgeries, infectious breast diseases and more.  The ugly utilitarian bra did not fit the bill and it just got more uncomfortable and uglier as time went on.  Even the Top Docs and Hospitalists did not have undergarment suggestions for me as their patient nor advice on where to source them. I wanted to change the experience for future Survivors.

REVOLUTIONARY — By integrating these fiber contents, adding magnets as another energy source for healing, and other design enhancements like my criss-cross front-closure design in all my patented styles, I found the right combination to service the community for breast cancer patients at large.  NEW light-weight European fabrics were added to the mix that offered a soft touch, proper compression with colorful options that allowed me to introduce my CRISSCROSS design collection.

Hear what a few breast cancer survivors and non-survivors have to say about the Bras;

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