What’s new? The year is new, and so are we! We often say cancer draws a line in the sand of life. There’s the you before cancer and the NEW YOU after cancer. So we couldn’t think of a better name for our beautiful and newly repackaged magazine than this – New + You = Unconditionally Her!

Recognizing the importance of 2nd Acts for women survivors, we redesigned our original magazine, The Plum. We gave it excitement. We gave it energy. We made it exactly what all our readers are: SURVIVOR strong!

Under the careful guidance of veteran online editor, Mavian Arocha-Rowe,  you’ll find the writers you met in The Plum, along with new friends we’re sure will make you smile, think and engage. You’ll learn the latest for maintaining an anti-cancer lifestyle, what advances researchers are making in the treatment of the disease, be inspired by 2nd Acts, be introduced to some amazing authors and more.

Unconditionally Her also debuts a column entitled “Survivors Talk.” We know you have questions about paddling the murky waters of survivorship. We certainly do! We hope you’ll take advantage of this column and send us, or our resident contributor Cindy Finch, your questions.

While we’re survivors, we’re also girls. We want to know about the latest in fashion, skin and hair care, travel and more. That’s where our sister publication, Chispa comes in. Chispa was launched in SURVIVORville last summer. The Spanish word for “spark,” Chispa writers bring much to Unconditionally Her’s doorstep. Together, the two magazines are just what a survivor might wish for!

Photo by Viktor Hanacek