Welcome to 2024 Everyone!!!

It’s here! 2024 has now arrived with a blank slate for each of us.  What is YOUR 2024 going to look like? I am super-excited about what’s in store for our readers and encourage you all to share Unconditionally Her with others and spread the love.   We can’t WAIT to get this year started!

For me, 2024 will be a year of exploration.  In December, I reached the end of my long, 5-year journey to finishing my Ph.D., a personal goal I set for myself which I am proud to say was finally accomplished. A Ph.D. degree is essentially a “Doctor of Philosophy” which does not mean that my area of study was philosophy (it wasn’t, it was health), but is called such with roots in its original Greek meaning, “love of wisdom”.  As part of the “wisdom” acquired in becoming a Ph.D., there are requirements to engage in research.  Seeking wisdom and engaging in research are forms of exploration, both of which I fully enjoy.  Now that I have completed that journey, I fully intend on exploration to continue, with all the new-found time I will have on my hands after finishing my degree program, there is plenty of life left to explore outside of a classroom and I greatly look forward to doing more of that in this new year.   

Unconditionally Her will also be in exploration mode this year, and hope that you will come and explore with us!  We love our readers and want to welcome newbies into the fold while welcoming back those who have been with us for a bit.  A special shout out to Kiya Naka and Jodi Tychkowsky for their work on the magazine and our contributor columns! We have the fabulous Rhonda Hicks joining us this year as a contributor, along with new contributors Jen Dixon and Susan Campbell, and our “regulars” including Cindy Small, Denise Sissom, Sandy Williams, and Leanne Jamison.  We’re also bringing back organizer extraordinaire Sara Skillen, a reader favorite.   ALL these wonderful contributors will be coming at you with great features that will inspire, motivate, encourage, and keep one well-fed and well-organized (hey, we know what’s important! 😊).  I have a new health and wellness column which I hope readers will enjoy exploring, and we’ll have our CEO Karen Shayne featured throughout the year. SO much to EXPLORE, so please join us!

Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!


  “Explore. Dream. Discover.”  –   Mark Twain