Tax season is a great time to revisit your 2016 Financial Resolutions.  How much progress have you made?  Are you on the right track?  Have your financial goals changed?  This is an excellent place to start when deciding what to do with your income tax refund.

Depositing your tax refund in a savings account or money market, separate from your checking account, is a good idea until you decide what you will eventually do with those funds.  Whatever you do, take the time to carefully consider your options.  Be thoughtful with your money, not impulsive.



What NOT to do with Your 2016 Income Tax Refund:

Financially Beneficial Strategies for Your 2016 Income Tax Refund:

Again, whatever you do, carefully consider your options.  Take the time and purposefully plan where your income tax refund will go.  Be thoughtful with your money, not impulsive.



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