Unconditionally Her encourages our readers to take charge of their health.  You may – or may not – have seen a lot of “blue” during the month of March, in addition to all of the St. Patty’s Day green.  What’s that all about? Blue is the color for colorectal cancer awareness. NOT something “fun” or festive to talk about, but colorectal cancer can be serious business.   There’s no absolutely certain way  to prevent colorectal cancer, but there are things you can do that might help lower your risk, such as changing the risk factors that you can control and getting screened.

Find out more about screening here including guidelines for when you should get screened.

What excuses do YOU have for not getting screened for colorectal cancer?   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a great video highlighting common excuses and misconceptions people have about getting screened. Take a look and then get rid of YOUR excuses.  Screening saves lives.