The journey to the discovery of these crackers began with a sweet love story…From the pen of Entrepreneur Krista Anderson comes a unique love story of self-awareness and change.  Thank you, Krista, for sharing your journey – and your Genesis Crackers.


Let’s be realistic, would it really be French if it didn’t start with love?


33 years ago my dear American friend fell in love with a French man, packed her bags, and opted for a simple life in Provence. Since then, she has been creating from her beautiful village kitchen in the South of France.


Seeing life through her eyes is like watching the sweetest soul-moving film unfold. She is always present in the moment, discovering, searching for life’s simple secrets. Which is why I’m not surprised to have embarked upon these treasures at her famed table during my first Christmas in Provence.


Completely gluten-free, no sugar, no additives like store-bought crackers. Just seeds, water and salt. I was impressed.


Over time, I have altered the recipe to fit my personal health desires. Adding pumpkin seeds for more protein and antioxidants and sometimes I add a little secret ingredient to keep people guessing.


Often, when I’m invited to an apéro with friends they ask me to make my crackers. One obsessed friend likes to call them the “Menopause Crackers” because of the amazing health benefits flaxseeds have for menopause symptoms.


After many requests for the recipe, I have decided to take them out of secrecy and birth them into the world by the name “Genesis Crackers” for their combination of ingredients from the beginning. From the start. The seed.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and may your body thank you.




1 c flaxseeds

1 c water

3 T chia seeds

2 T sunflower seeds

2 T pumpkin seeds

1 t salt

Voilà ! C’est simple ! Who would have thought eating healthy could be so easy?


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