Jean Criss

As columnist for Unconditionally Her, I’ve thought about self-awareness women and men need to know about to live a healthy lifestyle.

Since May and June are focused on health featured stories in Unconditionally Her, I wanted to highlight relevant health self-awareness tips during these 2 months and every month, to keep your health top of mind, all the time. Here is a calendar that you may find helpful.

Image courtesy of Unconditionally Her Contributor, Jean Criss

For May alone a few of the key national health awareness programs include arthritis, asthma and allergies, food allergies, celiac, cystic fibrosis, lupus, melanoma, mental health, osteoporosis, stroke and the list goes on. So, start this May and continue to focus throughout the year on self-awareness with a focus on your health and wellness. It will make a difference to you and many others who care about you.

Learn more about Jean Criss’ tips on living a healthy lifestyle as noted in a colorful gallery shown on the CRISSCROSS Intimates website and also noted in her survivor story written in BLISS!

An excerpt:

Healthy Living is about how to live life to its fullest with breast cancer. This gallery of beautiful, bold four color images describes my challenging journey from diagnosis through recovery and the pursuit of happiness.  It’s also a painful story about survivorship as a young widow followed by divorce, unemployment and then breast cancer years later.  You can find these images in the “Healthy Lifestyles & Understanding Breast Cancer” chapter of My Pain Woke Me Up-BLISS! Learn more about my colorful journey in BLISS!  Words of passion, perseverance, promise and the pursuit of happiness. . .

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All the breast, Jean