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Please take a moment to review the guidelines below.  We offer opportunities for contributors, sponsoring contributors, and advertisers.

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Contributor and Sponsoring Contributor Guidelines

  • We want every page of Unconditionally Her to reflect the variety and diversity of our readers.
  • In order to send Unconditionally Her a submission, all contributors are required to register.   Complete the online form below to register.  If you register, you agree to provide true and correct information about yourself in all registration forms.
  • Submissions solely focused on the promotion of commercial events or businesses are not permitted.   We do offer “Sponsoring Contributor” opportunities for those who wish to promote their commercial events or products or services for sale.  Please contact the editor for information or inquiries.
  • We only accept new and original material. If you would like to link your article published in Unconditionally Her on another site, that is acceptable. We cannot, however, accept articles that have been published elsewhere, as it infringes upon our sponsor agreements.
  • We do not pay for submissions.   Our articles are not written by professional writers, as we seek contributions from survivors, co-survivors, or those who have an interest in cancer.   We may also re-publish information of public interest from governing health authorities or other public health or cancer professionals that contribute to overall health and well-being and that are available to be shared either through explicit permission and/or as public domain.
  • Submissions should be between 800 – 1,000 words. If your submission is accepted, we reserve the right to edit for grammatical and stylistic errors. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PIECES IN WORD FORMAT.
  • Please also submit a brief biographical sketch.
  • For those contributors who wish to highlight a product or service that you are selling, we will link to your website or blog within the body of the article if you agree to terms as a “Sponsoring Contributor”.  All articles may include a link to the contributor’s website or blog. It is the article’s content that determines whether it is an educational article or a promotional article, with the latter being categorized as a “Sponsoring Contributor” with a requested donation.
  • If you choose to submit your own graphics, they need to fit the follow criteria if used as a feature photo and meet the guidelines outlined below for proper usage.  Graphics may or may not be selected for a final published article at the discretion of the editor.
  • Graphics should meet one of the following depending on placement of the article in the publication:

Standard: 750px width x 400px height

Full-Width: 1200px width x 520px height

Parallax/Full-Background: 1400px width x 700px heightz

  • By contributing or submitting any materials, information and/or images to Unconditionally Her, including without limitation your name and likeness, you grant to Unconditionally Her the irrevocable and perpetual right (unlimited as to the number of uses, times and territory) to use, publish and display (as edited or unedited in Unconditionally Her’s sole discretion) your submission, name and likeness in any media now known or hereafter developed.  You grant Unconditionally Her a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, modify, create derivate works from, display, redistribute, and republish the Submission in any medium or form.
  • You may not contribute information or pictures that violate the property rights of others, including unauthorized intellectual property, images or programs, trade secrets or other confidential proprietary information of a third party. You warrant that any materials, information and/or images you contribute or submit to Unconditionally Her are original or are in the public domain and that you are the sole author with the full power to submit the same and to grant the above licenses to Unconditionally Her.
  • You hereby waive any opportunity or right to inspect or approve the Submission and/or the final product in which it may be used or incorporated. You hereby release Unconditionally Her from all claims now and hereafter existing which you and/or others claiming by or through you may have a right to assert arising under these Terms or from any use, non-use or editing of your Submission.
  • Please register as a new contributor, and you will receive an e-mail with additional details about submitting articles for review. Please note that each registration inquiry will be reviewed and given full consideration, though all may not be selected for publication or as contributors.

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    This Submission Policy was last updated 6/07/20