UNTOLD. is a global storytelling movement.  UNTOLD will use multiple platforms featuring photo/print/illustration/podcast/live events and an online streaming docu-series to incredible stories across America. UNTOLD is designed to help, inspire, educate, heal and renew the human spirit. This movement will unearth the hidden treasures of our shared paths, and change the face, support and reaction to any life challenges.

Much like the project Humans of New York, UNTOLD will have a blog.  The blog is for mass-UNTOLD. is a global storytelling movement, mining the tales and using multiple platforms, print/photo/illustration/film/podcast and a traveling theatrical experience, to share how people have polished the roughest edges of adversity and transformed them it into the gems which enrich every reader, listener and audience member. These are the treasures that travel from heart to heart by the gift of their powerful messages. This is how renewed and reshaped destinies become realities – story pioneers stepping forward to challenge and conquer the myths of detoured truths.

UNTOLD. is an evolving vault of stories that will reveal raw conversations of life and ultimately silver linings. The jewels of each tale unveil a voice rich with the elements of emotion, vulnerability, and the unconquerable power of spirit. In these stories, truth in its unpolished and authentic account transforms the illusions and brings out the new truth, one where the world unites in the understanding we are all trying to live, and there’s a gem in every story.

UNTOLD. is reaching out into the world to change the conversations about the unpredictable road through life’s challenges. For those who’ve breached the boundaries of life and death, their stories hold a wealth of knowledge and spirit for a world void of a collection of this kind of support and family. Through an expansive and topical network of hope, humor and help, these tales will come together via virtual, print and experiential events. They pave a path for those finding themselves on similar journeys, but gifted with the mined jewels of previous journeyers.

Listen. We are everywhere.

Please visit our new website, UNTOLDProject.org, share your story and get involved in this incredible movement.

Special Thanks To Our UNTOLD Underwriter