Welcome to the “beautiful” month of May, which marks the transition from spring to summer, with summer coming quickly next month. We have one more month to fully embrace spring, so let’s do it!  In Roman culture, May was dedicated to the goddess Flora, celebrating the renewal of life and the fertility of the earth.  We can see this all around us with the beautiful greenery and colorful spring flowers.  While summer is the favorite season for many, taking time to experience the beauty of spring while it is still here is something I plan on doing. 

May is not only a “beautiful” month, but also a month of celebration. Kicking off with May 5th with Cinco De Mayo, there are plenty of other reasons to celebrate this month.  May is the month we celebrate Mother’s Day and the perfect time to celebrate women. Not all of us may be biological mothers but we exhibit maternal love, care, kindness, and a nurturing spirit to others in our lives, which deserves to be celebrated.  We also honor and recognize those United States men and women who have given their lives in service to their country on Memorial Day on the last Monday in May and celebrate all in the armed forces as Military Appreciation Month.

We have lots of beauty and things to celebrate this month and are so excited to share with our readers. Coming up are plenty of recipes including Cocktail Hour with a Smoked Peach Margarita, Crockpot Chicken Tacos – both would be GREAT for Cinco De Mayo – and a Strawberry Cake perfect for Mother’s Day. Boat Bites are back with Sandy’s Tex-Mex Salad from Sandy Williams and perfect to take on the water.  Our own Karen Shayne gives us a review of the Norwegian Viva as part of Destination Diaries, and I’ll be back with A Time to Bloom health and wellness article on what’s trending in food and nutrition.  We’ll share several podcasts and plenty more during this amazing month of beauty and celebration.  

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Enjoy this amazing month of beauty and celebration!

Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!

“All things seem possible in May.”  Edward Way Teale, American naturalist, photographer, and writer.