Hair: our crowning glory. And often a daily struggle. World renown stylist, Peter Coppola,  offers these six tips on how to keep your crowning glory… well, glorious!

1. Always be careful with shampoo and conditioner. 

When you wash and condition your hair it’s important to have the right products that benefit your hair type. If you have oily hair, make sure to use a volumizing shampoo. If you dye your hair or it is dry, look for shampoo and conditioners that are hydrating.

Daily hair washing will strip hair of natural oils; always use sulfate-free shampoo and not “hot hot” water (cooler water seals the cuticle and locks in moisture, making hair shinier). If your hair is very oily or dirty, occasionally use hotter water, but always finish with a cool rinse.

2. Being “nice” to your hair involves using the right products. 

When using hairspray, gel, mousse, wax and hair masks, pick the best products suited for your hair type. If your hair gets frizzy, use products that moisturize well. If your hair is fine, use a thickening product, and if your hair is flat, use a volumizing product.

3. Use the best brush on your hair. 

If the brush has too many broken bristles, discard it, because it can damage your hair. Different brushes are good for different things. You can use cushioned brushes on wet hair, natural bristle brushes will keep hair straight and smooth if it’s curly. Round brushes are good for adding volume, and ceramic brushes are great for fine hair. Make sure to keep your brushes and combs clean!

4. Color carefully. 

Dyes have come a long way, make sure you use high-end products that are now new and improved, as they are safer for your hair and the environment. Know which colors last the longest, so you aren’t frequently dealing with faded color and visible roots.

5. Avoid using old tools. 

Make sure they are all up to date, because they can cause damage to your hair. If you use too much heat, by the way of blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons and you don’t have adequate protection, you will burn your hair. Protect your hair!

6. Eat healthy foods that will keep your hair strong and lustrous. 

Making sure the following are in your diet, can also prevent hair loss.